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Our Commitment to CounterCybercrime

ZeroHack specializes in countering hacks and operationalizing secure behaviors to keep individuals and organizations safe online. 

Meet the Team

We combine US government intelligence with private sector operating. 

Our Journey

ZeroHack was founded out of our work keeping people in our community safe from the pervasive and rapidly growing threat of cybercrime.

Today, we service the following sectors:

  • Financial Services / Wealth Management / Private Equity,

  • Medical / Dental / Healthcare,

  • Hospitality / Restaurants / Travel,

  • E-commerce,

  • Accounting / Legal / Professional Service,

  • Crypto / Blockchain,

  • Entertainment,

  • Green Tech / Environamental, Non-profits,

  • Law Enforcement,

  • Local / State / Federal government / agencies,

  • Higher / Secondary Education,

  • Seniors (discounts available),

  • Human Trafficking,

  • Counterterrorism,  

ZeroHack is Veteran, Woman & Minority Owned.​

  • 30 year veteran Special Forces 

  • 5 Languages

  • 30 years intel gathering

  • 30 years investigative journalist for security, identity theft, privacy

  • 20 years consulting cybercrime

  • Former White House National Infrastructure Advisory Council for Critical Infrastructure, Cyber Security

  • Current Advisory Board, Global Resilience Federation

  • Current Member of Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce 

  •  Current instructors for Cybercrime Prevention class, Bard College Lifelong Learning Institute

Our Expertise

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