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When it comes to fighting Cybercrime, the best defense is a good offense.

Risk is unavoidable. Your family, the companies you do business with, the government agencies you must interact with, and your business / workplace cause your vulnerability to threat and impersonation.  

You need Active Countermeasures.

Secure People
Secure Families
Secure Businesses

Cybersecurity technology is not enough to fight cybercrime.


ZeroHack provides Active Cybercrime Countermeasures to help businesses and individuals respond to incidents and avoid future issues.


We use the latest technologies and proprietary strategies to keep individuals safe online—because when people are safe, their families and businesses are safe.

Measure Exposure

ZeroHack quantifies threat levels from compromised domains, account takeover, dark web research, leaks, hacks, and third-party breaches.

Protect Entrypoints

There is no Endpoint Protection without Behavioral SecOps. ZeroHack secures not only systems and operations, but any organizations greatest vulnerability—people. 

Neutralize Threats

The best defense is a good offense. ZeroHack deploys countermeasures to reduce your existing risk, respond to incidents, and helps you implement behaviors, protocols, and methods to prevent future issues.

Monitor 24/7

We provide 24/7 monitoring services to detect and respond to cyber threats in real-time. Our team of experts will monitor your digital presence and respond to any incidents quickly and efficiently.

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Magnitude of Risk


Cyber attacks / day


Estimated cost of global cybercrime in 2023


SMBs go out of business post Hack


Rate of Detection or Prosecution

CounterCybercrime Experts

At ZeroHack, we know cybercrime. In addition to nearly every vertical in the private sector, we have experience in the British and U.S. Special Forces & Intelligence, and on the White House National Infrastructure Advisory Council for Critical Infrastructure, Cyber Security.

Why Choose ZeroHack


Years Experience


Satisfied Clients


Global Partners

Protect Your Business
Secure End Users

ZeroHack deploys Active Countermeasure and implements Behavioral SecOps to mitigate risk from individuals in the enterprise and third party vendors and partners in the supply chain. 


Contact us to learn how we can help you secure your enterprise by securing your people.

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